Thursday, September 22, 2016

Volleyball Highlights

Ok, I am finally back. Need a way to share videos of the kids and thought this would work better than Facebook since not everyone is on it.

Connell vs Burbank 9/15/16
Set #1A
Set #1B

Set #2A
Set #2B

Set #3A
Set #3B

Connell @ Riverview 9/20/16
Set #1A
Set #1B

Set #2A
Set #2B

Set #3A
Set #3B

Set #4A
Set #4B

Set #5

Hopefully these work! Will be posting Fair and Ash's volleyball videos soon, too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Update

Yes it's been awhile again.  I finally got the pictures off our new camera (from Xmas) and here are some highlights & updates:

My mom's car seems to have an invisible bulls-eye on it due to several recent accidents.  So at Xmas, my brother's fiancee (W) and I decided it needed some bubble wrap ;-)

Someone else gave her the shirt but we thought it was appropriate.
AD had cheer camp in January and did such a great job.  She is currently in tap and will be performing in a recital in June.  She is loving it and her teacher says she is doing well.

AJ had basketball which started in January with T as her coach.  They had a good season and the girls were really good together.  I can't wait to watch them play over the next few years. She wasn't sure basketball was her sport but we were really impressed with how aggressive she was.  She seemed to have a good time.  (Can you see T in the background pointing & probably yelling?)

AT is loving PS and is still my little ham!

T & I are keeping busy.  Basketball ended and baseball immediately started.  First year as head coach and their first game is this Sat!  I am still busy working and now also tutoring at the junior high.  And still trying not to go crazy keeping up with everyone's crazy schedules.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silly Post but ....

This seems like such a silly post but yet I have a little girl who is upset because it left so it must be important to someone.  Thinking hard about it, I am probably a little sad too.  Today we sold our suburban that we have had since I was pregnant with AD (which is why she is sad).

While weren't driving it as a main vehicle anymore, it is the one thing we still have had the longest.  I can see why she would be sad.  Many trips were made with this rig when we lived further north and the youngest two came home in this from the hospital, I believe.  We had a lot of good memories from it.  Good Bye old blue!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


2011 wrapped up with a Christmas program at the church.  AD was an angel and AT was a cow.  AJ helped corral the little ones :-)

After school let out, we headed for my folks for Christmas.  We enjoyed spending time with everyone.

The kids were so excited for Christmas morning.  AT had talked and talked about Santa bringing him a Dragon World Fortress and Santa didn't disappoint.  He was so excited that he didn't want to play with anything else.  AD got her microphone stand (a play one) and a new MP3 player.  She has spent her entire time in her room jamming out. AJ wanted anything UW and an iPod.  She wasn't disappointed either.
T & I got a new camera (although all these pictures were still taken with the old one)

And then just like that, Christmas Break was over and it was back to work :-(  AD had her 3rd grade spelling bee today.  

She placed 5th in her classroom and continued on to compete against the other 14 3rd graders (from the other classrooms).  She didn't make it past the second round :-(  She got out on the word "wheat."  And we live in wheat country!  She had had trouble with that word last night so I wondered how she would do.  She was sad she got out but by the end was cheering on her friends that made it to the district competition.  She starts tap next week and is very excited!

AJ & T started basketball this week.  T will be coaching her so this should be interesting (although probably better than me coaching her!).  She is really sore, but she'll get over it ;-)

We cleaned up AT's room over the Christmas Break and his latest thing has to be to keep it cleaned up.  He has been so proud to have it clean each day.  I am loving it, but am not holding my breath on how long this lasts!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Almost Christmas!

Well the last time I posted was the first day of school. And now we are only 3 school days away from Christmas Break.  My how time has flown.  So what have we been up to?

AJ started junior high this year.  She is absolutely loving it!  I have never seen her so full of stories of her day and excited.  Volleyball started the first day of school, as well, so she was a little tired making the adjustment to junior high homework & 2 hr practices.  However, she survived (or rather WE all survived) and I think she'll be ready to tackle basketball here soon.  T will be her coach so that will be nice.

AD is the only child at the brand new elementary school.  I think she is enjoying that fact, but I know when her brother joins her next year, she will be helpful to him.  (It's just in her nature.)  She is loving 3rd grade and doing really well.  She starts tap dance in January and can't wait.  She did play soccer this year and really enjoyed it.  She also had a role in our elementary school's play this year.  She was a little sick (not sure if it was stage fright or viral) but managed to pull out the final performance.

AT is in two different preschool classes and doing really well with both.  He is always drawing inventions, building forts, and playing with his buddies (and aggravating his sisters!).  He is keeping a pretty busy schedule this year which is good because he should be ready for Kinder next year then.

T is still teaching math at the high school and was recently hired to be the head baseball coach.  It is something I know he will do well at and he is excited.  With AJ being in jr high softball, I am not sure how many of his games I will be able to make, but he knows we are always cheering him on!

I am still job-sharing with my MIL one day a week at the jr high and teaching at the local correctional facility as well.  Between that and running after the kids (of all ages!), I am keeping busy.  At the start of November, I had my gall bladder removed and while it cost me a couple of weeks of normalcy, I have felt great since then!  (Gave my mom a good reason to get off work and come up and visit/help.)  I have fallen behind in my quilting & reading, but hey, that's what Christmas break is for, right?

I wish for you all safe travels this holiday season and a great New Year in store for you.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of School 2011-12

Just like always, the 1st day of school ritual is to take the kids' picture in front of the frig.  It is always amazing to see the changes from one year to another. 

AJ 2010
It is hard to believe we have lived here this long, but AJ starts 7th grade today.  We moved here for her to start Kinder and now here she is in junior high.  The junior high is "camping out" at the old elementary school because they are going to remodel the junior high.

AJ 2011
AD gets to start at a brand new elementary school this year.  She is really excited and it is hard to believe she is in 3rd grade already.
AD 2010

AD 2011
AT starts next week so we will get his pictures then.  My how they've grown!

Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unplugged at FH

After we got back from visiting Mom & Dad, we headed out for the west coast for some crabbing & beachcombing.  While we were riding the ferry, we ran across this boat.  AT was so excited because he immediately started yelling "Pirate Ship!!"  (Most everyone knows he loves anything pirate!)

We laughed and reassured him it wasn't a real pirate ship.  Little did we know there was actually a pirate convention (I guess) at FH that weekend.  He could have got a chance to see "real pirates" walking around the town.  When I was bummed that he could have seen them, he gave me a hug and said "It's okay Mommy, I still love you."  Sweet but it didn't make me feel any less guilty for missing that opportunity.

The weather was beautiful at FH.  Not one day of rain and tons of sunshine! 

The kids took advantage of the weather by kayaking & swimming in the pool.  We saw three deer & a fox in our own backyard.  There was a seal swimming around our little inlet all week and we caught lots of crab. 

Again, I was so amazed at how beautiful the weather was.  We had clear skies during the day & at night which gave us beautiful views of the nearby mountains and evening shots.

Boys being boys!

AJ, Gma K, AD, & AT
We had a such a relaxing week.  No tv, no internet, no cell phones (unless you stand by the flagpole like the Statue of Liberty).  It was definitely an unplugged week.  Gma K looked good and we got to see the cousins before some of them head off for college.  We went book shopping at a great used book store by the ferry landing and even hit some yard sales (loved it!!).  We certainly did not go home lighter for some reason . .. .hmmm ;-)

Enjoy your day!!